20 November 2012

Life Lately...

First of all, I actually stole that alliteration, but it's fitting so I'm going to go with it. So I have't had much to say lately - that's because everything is all negative and I don't want to bring people down. Today I have a cold and my sinuses have been killing me - and this is the second cold I've had in 2 weeks, how unfair is that? Not only do I have a cold, but it is bloody freezing cold outside; there's been some sort of storm moving over the country and there's been crazy winds for the last two days, and even some sort of small tornado in Dublin! Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, when I finally finished work and was ready to head to the chemist to get something for this bloody cold, it started raining. Really raining, torrentially, and my boots got all soaked through and my feet got all wet and soggy. I'm so sick of this wet city.

I only have three and a half weeks until I leave Ireland, which is great because even if Invers is having a crappy summer at least it will be better than constant rain and only 8 hours of daylight each day. Yet at the same time, I am hoping to get all of my practical work done so that I can be finished and not have to come back and keep working. I have two different types of spectroscopy results to understand and analyse, elemental analyses to not only finish, but actually begin, and they might not work at all. And then there is this one other thing that I am doing right now, which if it works will make a much better story out of a pile of negative results, but it might not work. But I really need it to work. Then I can come home, have a rest, write the rest of my thesis and prepare more research articles to publish. But if the practical work does not go as planned then I'll be screwed.  I can't even just work harder and for longer either, because a lot of what I am doing relies on the help of technicians and other academics. But at least that means I have time to pack.

Now it is 7 pm on a Tuesday night and I am in pyjamas and a fluffy dressing gown, in bed under lots of blankets, with lemon and honey to drink. It's far too early to go to sleep but I can hardly keep my eyes open so I'm going to watch Grey's Anatomy and continue to feed my cold.