02 November 2015

October 2015

Well I have been in my new job for two weeks now, but the entire first week was an induction course so I've actually only had one week with my team. Induction was good though, it was tiring, like being back at uni, but we learnt a bit about the ministry and even went on a couple of field trips. Surprisingly, the best one was to parliament. We went for something called question time, and it is when all the MPs are in the great hall arguing with each other. The various ministers ask questions of the other ministers about policy and stuff they said, trying to find weak spots and get the better of each other. But they all interrupt each other and it just turns into a yelling match. It was really fun to watch.

My job itself is so far pretty slow. I am just slowly being given bits of work, so I am certainly not in over my head yet but I can see it will take a long time to really get to know the place and the people and my role. I should probably ask for more work but everybody seems so busy. Today I was invited to a meeting of the directorate events committee, which is like a mini-social club organising small events for our directorate. That's our team plus some other policy teams, basically all of us on the same floor. So it's a small group of the younger people on our floor. It was nice of them to drag me along and I like organising stuff so I'll probably remain a part of it.

The rest of the month has been busy finishing my old job, getting ready for my new job, and all the usual stuff. We did Halloween on a very small scale and we had a leaky pipe problem and had to get a plumber in. Mum came up to Wellington and we watched WOW, which was pretty cool but exhausting. And we bought expensive shoes and looked around a cool new steampunk shop. And we looked at more open homes and went mini-golfing :)

Now it's about to be my birthday and I'm not impressed about being older. Then Christmas, which I am looking forward to. I'll be in Invercargill for 6 days at the start of December, then maybe (only maybe) for a long weekend in January.

Now here is Cher: