23 November 2014

Quick Update

OK so what's new? Not much. No new job yet, but I've joined a recruitment agent which seems like a pretty good move. So far they have gotten me one interview and given me advice about my CV. My Publishing Diploma finishes in one week and I have two assignments to get through, so that is my number one priority this week. I should probably stop watching movies and reading books so much. Then with the course over, it will pretty much be time to go down south for a visit, then Christmas. Can't wait to get a Christmas tree and make lots of yummy food. Being rather poor right now isn't really ideal but most people agree that there won't be much chance of finding a job earlier than January now. However, tomorrow I'm going to make enquiries about some of the school holiday programmes, perhaps I can manage to get myself hired by the zoo or wildlife sanctuary for a couple of weeks.

So that's pretty much it from me for the last few weeks. Except Cher has begun having a bit of an incontinence issue the last week or so. It's just happened a few times, when she's sleeping, I think it's when she gets too warm because she likes to sleep under blankets, on top of me. So yes, that means she peed on me. Twice. And on her blankets and in the car. I've had a lot of washing to do this last week. There is more to do too, we were going for a drive yesterday, doing some early Christmas shopping, and when I was done I gave Cher a treat for having to wait in the car while I was busy. It was a treat that is supposed to be for cleaning their teeth so it's very hard an chewy, only they were small dog treats, not big dog ones. Since it was small enough for her to not bother chewing I think she swallowed it whole. Next thing I know, I'm driving along, stop at the traffic lights, look over my shoulder to check on her in the back seat and see a pile of puke sitting there beside her. I don't think I'll give her the rest of those treats. My car was overdue for cleaning anyway, as soon as I finish my assignments that should be my first task.