18 October 2014

Still in limbo...

Not to mention halfway up the financial shit-creek. After a very intense week of interviewing and psychometric testing, I did not get the job from the other week. But it was not all bad news; it wasn't that I did not qualify for the position, it was that they decided to take on another senior staff member at the expense of one of the entry-level positions. So that was my job opportunity gone. However, they might recruit again early next year so I will stay in touch of the recruitment agent.

Luckily, I have another job interview this week. This time it is for a part time position as an editorial assistant with Te Papa Press, which is the publishing arm of the museum and creates really beautiful books. The interview is on Tuesday, so I should do some homework and find some tidy clothes. This could be a very good job to have for the summer (it's only a three month contract) so I hope that the interview goes well and that I finally get a job. I would really like to take a break from being a host at Te Papa for a few months too. I might not be able to, but it would be nice.

Of course, if everything else doesn't work out perhaps I will become a Tupperware selling wonder. I have my first few parties lined up and at the least I will earn my kit. But perhaps I can make it earn me some money too, maybe even enough to pay for more than just the necessities. New shoes and clothes would be nice.

At least not having go that full time job just yet means that I should have plenty of free time to enjoy the summer. I have a few other things to keep me busy though. I am nearly finished my publishing diploma but I really need to get on to the last couple of assignments. I got another research article published but I have one more still to write and submit. I have a stack of fabric that I hope to sew up into nice new things and a whole other blog that I have not touched in a year. So, plenty to do.

Today, walking Cher, we came across a little mouse snuffling around the gutter. I pointed it out to here and then she went nuts over trying to get it. Luckily she was on the leash but she still nearly managed to eat it. It was funny to point it out to her but I didn't really want her to maim a mouse in front of me so I dragged her away. Anyway, here is a picture of her sleeping hilariously upside down on the couch and another after she got into a muddy ditch.

And here are a couple of cakes I baked lately. On Monday I am entering a bake off and I really want to win.