22 February 2014

And now for some good news...

So yesterday morning I was still feeling pretty down and out on account of the whole car crash thing. To make myself feel better I was writing a cover letter for another job and I had just finished it, when I got a phone call. Now did I mention that I had a job interview this Monday just been? Well I did, at the MBIE, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The job was one of four being offered to assist in the process of finding reviewers for the scientific research proposals that are sent in to try get government funding. So while the interview went well and there were four positions going, I wasn't really thinking about it too much because they had a lot of people to interview (so they said at least) and I didn't want to get my hopes up. But yesterday I got a phone call saying that they would like to offer me one of the positions! It begins in the first week of March, so I was a bit worried when I reminded her that I had said in the interview I will be away that week - but something will be worked out despite my missing the training period. It's only a four month contract, but it's much better than what I currently have and is a big step in the right direction. So I felt pretty good after that. Then, to make things better, I dropped by my local panelbeater and showed him a picture of my poor car, and he reckons it'll only be 500 to fix it, which I can surely do after a couple of months on a better wage. So while it would be better if the car didn't need a new bonnet and bumper, it could be worse. Now all these ups and downs have left me pretty exhausted so it's off to bed for me.

20 February 2014

Bad day

Today has been far from a good day. It started well enough, in fact the week in general started pretty well, on account of getting a job interview. Today was hot and after work I was planning on making the most of it, getting home and getting out with the dog. But then I crashed my car and that pretty much spoilt my day, my week, and probably my next few days too. I came out of the work carpark into 5 o'clock traffic, and was trying to change lanes so that I could drive the quiet way home and not on the busy one way system. So I looked over my shoulder to see if there was a gap, and when I saw one I quickly turned into the next lane. Unfortunately I was busy looking at the next lane and didn't see that the line of traffic I was in had stopped, so the left front of my car hit the back right corner of the van in front and shunted it into the car in front. I got such a fright, and then the car didn't really want to drive to the side of the road. I pulled it over as well as I could, and then ran back to get the bit that had fallen off, then rushed to the other drivers to reassure them that I had 3rd party insurance and that I was really sorry. Luckily they were so nice, and tried to make me stop worrying and just take a minute, because I was pretty freaked. Both the other cars were fine, there were some small marks on the back bumper of the van but he didn't care, was on his way to the airport, and the other lady asked for my contact details but only to be able to text me later and make sure I was OK. Both said their cars were fine and not to worry, so there'll be no insurance claim and it's only my car that I have to worry about. Now I don't have insurance because it didn't seem worth it for such a cheap car - considering that I have had a minor crash and now a real one in less than a year, maybe it would have been worth while? Because the car is probably a goner, I doubt I'll be able to fix it, it won't be worth it. So now I have a busted up car parked outside my house (my brother drove it back for me after pushing the fender off of the wheel, lucky he's here), and life will be that much harder for the next while. I have enough to get through the next few weeks, and I can only hope that I get a new job offer within that time. Or win the lotto. The job is more likely I guess.