When I first started this blog it was to let my family and friends now what was going on in my life when I moved overseas. That was more than four years ago now and while it has been a way for people to be involved in my life from afar, I have also enjoyed it simply for the sake of having a reason to write. Most of what I write here isn't on any particular topic and won't be relevant to very many people, but sometimes I seem to amuse people and everyone needs a good laugh know and then, so doesn't that just make it all worthwhile?

So while that may give you an inkling of what this blog is about, it doesn't say anything about me. I'm from New Zealand and I currently live in New Zealand but for a few years there I was living in Ireland, where I did my PhD in Zoology. As well as my random writings that you will find here I also have a food blog, because early on in my blogging career people started to mention that I wrote about food an awful lot, and my friends told me that I talked about food too much and they just didn't care about all of the details. So my food blog is called Obsessive Compulsive Gastronomy and I try to keep most of my food rants there, as well as lots of yummy recipes. As well as loving food and writing, I am an avid reader of almost everything that is fiction, especially fantasy, I sew and make clothes, I crochet and knit, and these days a lot of my life revolves around my dog, as you can see by most of my blog posts.

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