13 August 2013

Sorry for long absence...

How long has it been since I have written? Who knows - I know I wrote a quick update after Aus, but that seems like so long ago right now! I have been very busy trying not to procrastinate so that my thesis will be finished on time. I have just written an awesome paragraph and I will stop there for the morning because I need some thinking time. Luckily, I had actually written a lot more than I realised so all I really need to worry about is writing a good general discussion, and a better general introduction. Other chapters just need little things. I should be focussing all my energy on the thesis for just these last few weeks, but I still can't seem to find that sense of urgency. On Friday we are having a party at work to celebrate the end of the Warhol exhibit and this evening I am going to make a little 60s mini-dress for it, and I also plan to bake muffins and do housework. Yesterday I went op-shopping and did gardening. Tomorrow I plan on going shopping and painting some shoes silver for this party. So you see plenty of my energy is still going into other things and I really just can't seem to change that. For every good paragraph or two that I get written, I need to take at least an hour off to do something more fun. So progress is slow, but just imagine, if I actually only did my thesis, how quickly it would have got done - surely I wouldn't have known what to do with myself if it were already finished? Shame I don't still get paid for it though, it's rough having to actually work to make money.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day here in Welly and I do not get to enjoy most of it because I have to go to work. Much nicer to walk the dog today though, compared to getting soaked to the bone in the weekend. It was so windy last night that it sounded like trees would be blown down, but nothing major has happened so I guess that was just normal Wellington wind. There have been no more earthquakes so life has been pretty tame, but just in case I plan on blu-tak-ing down all my breakable things, so that if another earthquake hits I won't have to buy lots of new stuff. Perhaps that will be next week's procrastination? That and putting pictures and stuff on the walls, so that it looks like a home in time for my housewarming party - I can have one now because I finally got more furniture. Trademe is great sometimes, I got two awesome couches for just $16, but I also got a dryer for much more than that and it stopped working almost right away. It's OK though because the neighbour that is moving is going to give me her dryer. All I need now is a dining table really, then I can stop spending money. Or rather, I can stop spending money on house things and start spending money on shoes. Because there are so many more shoe shops here with so many pretty shoes to buy. Or maybe I will spend it on fabric and distract myself with making summer clothes for when the it finally gets warm. Or save it for a holiday? Well, I don't really have any time right now so it's time to go, and the only picture I have to leave you with is of a dull and dreary day in which I had to drive out to Lower Hutt to return the furniture moving truck that I hired (I drove a big truck, it was an interesting experience). So here is Wellington in the rain, as seen from the Esplanade in Lower Hutt (with Cher of course):