04 August 2014

I went to a Tupperware party

So being unemployed is pretty boring most of the time. I am applying for jobs as often as they come up and trying to find things to keep myself busy and off the couch. However, it is tempting to lie around and watch movies all day. One answer is to try to have a social life, which I am already doing quite well with this week. I went to visit a friend in Paraparaumu (turns out to be a pretty long drive away!), there is a pub quiz I go to almost every week with friends from my last job, and yesterday I went to my first ever tupperware party. If you have never been before you get a present, but they are just little things. I got a melon baller. If I ever get into the habit of eating melon, I will be able to serve it as pretty little balls. Then there was another opportunity for some small freebies - a game of bingo. Only this was really brutal bingo, where you get to choose from a box of prizes to begin with, but then when they are all take, if your number is called you choose someone else's prize. So people take your winnings! I managed to grab a cute mini spatula and it got take from me!

Anyway, now I'm all but convinced to throw my own tupperware party. As the host I would hopefully get free stuff, and with nothing else to do, surely I can spend some time convincing people to come along, or at least to order stuff? And it would be an excuse to have the type of party that I like, full of girls with good food and maybe some drinks, lots of talking, hopefully everything that will make the incredibly obnoxious male flatmate stay well away and go somewhere else to get his super loud heavy metal fix for the day. Perhaps I'll just put invites in all the neighbours' mailboxes and maybe get to know them finally after a whole year of living here... On the other hand, I don't really know that many people and the ones I know are mostly like me and have no money. And tupperware is really expensive! It might be really good quality but still, I dunno.

Well that's all that's been happening in my life lately. I bought an overlocker with my credit card, so I guess I should start sewing. I have actually done some useful things around the place, liking gardening and making Cher a new bed and finally getting through my mending pile. The weather's been shocking so that was my excuse to stay on the couch or in bed. It's better now though so no excuses. Perhaps when my movie is over I'll get up and do something.