21 March 2014

New Job

Ok so I have been completely busy and exhausted since returning from Invercargill. Being down south was a good break, but not really long enough to do everything I wanted to. When I got back, I went straight to my new job, and have been trying to get there for 8.30 am every weekday morning. Which means I get up at half 6, get out the door as fast as I can so I can take Cher out for nearly an hour. I get home, have a superfast breakfast and shower, then rush out to the bus. Today I had to run the entire way up the hill to the bus stop, and it nearly went without me but someone must have said something to the driver because he stopped after just pulling out from the curb and opened the doors again. Then I was absolutely puffed and couldn't find my bus card, but I think the bus driver forgave me.

My job is nothing more than I can handle, what I find hardest is not having any independence. Even outside of work I have so little, because I have such limited time to get everything else done that my free time isn't really free time at all. The job itself took almost a week to really get started, because our databases weren't up and running - so it's actually not so bad that I took most the first week off! Now what I do is take a research proposal, read the abstract, put some data into one of our computer systems and use it to find reviewers that match the proposal. Then I get them approved. Soon, when the rest of our computer systems are doing what they should be, I will start emailing these potentials and hopefully enough will say yes. Unfortunately, when everyone has said yes my job is over so it wouldn't be so bad if a good number of them said no. On the other hand, when the job finishes I can go back to half days at Te Papa and more free time. Until I run out of money. Soon I will go back to job hunting actually, try to see what I can get lined up.

For now though, I'm at work 8 1/2 hours a day, I walk the dog for nearly 2 hours a day, I have no car for at least another week so every time I need food it's a half hour walk down the hill and back. My housework is lagging so nobody should come to my house. But at least I get to see the sunrise most mornings, and I am walking faster so staying fitter, and I have no time to blow my new paychecks with shopping. This job will last long enough to get my finances under control, despite wasting money by crashing my car. Plus finally tonight I have just a little time to myself and am on the couch watching tv with the dog. Who lets me know how much she doesn't appreciate being left home everyday by jumping in mud puddles like this one: