25 April 2010

Last Weekend in Vienna

My last weekend has been very filling. Friday evening involved a work get together that was a sort of pot-luck and involved a lot of food. I made ANZAC biscuits and everyone loved them - I even was asked for the recipe several times. Then Saturday I was still so full I didn't want any food but it was hot and my last weekend so there was ice-cream and movie watching with snacks. And Sunday? Brunch - a buffet on the side of the canal in the sunshine. Then a BBQ. So what a weekend.

But aside from food I also went shopping because I got paid on Friday and figured that I should make the most of a big city full of shops before I leave. I am only half way done though because I still need to buy some souvenirs and stuff. Last week was colder than it was supposed to be so when yesterday was hot I was caught unawares and got sunburnt. In the evening I introduced my friends to an Australian classic - Strictly Ballroom.

So today we did brunch and I dressed for summer - want to make the most of nice weather before going back to Ireland. I think I might be a bit sunburnt though despite the sunscreen. Brunch was good - it had a bit of everything. Began with real breakfast like cereal and bread (freshly baked) and all sorts of eggs. Plus cheeses and jams and nutella and croissants. Then chinese-style stuff like mini spring rolls and wontons. Then sushi and maki. And finally fruits and cakes and some chocolate too. And then after a bit of everything back for more of whatever was nicest. Like the chocolate. Brunch like this does not really seem to be done much in NZ, or at least not in my experience, but here in Europe it's so popular. All that sun makes you so tired though.

For the rest of the week I will be very busy. I have to work of course. And I have to do more shopping so I have a couple of souvenirs. Then there is an evening to spend with my housemates, and an evening to spend with my friends. On Thursday my Professor has invited me to a reception for some function of a society that she is a part of, because I am her guest here in Vienna - and it is in the Hofburg Palace. So I will get to see the inside of the Palace before I leave. I have to dress nicely I think. I wonder if I will be able to take my camera and take photos? And then of course while I would love to spend my last evening with my friends I must find time at some point to pack I think. I leave on Friday at lunchtime, but must be at the airport much sooner of course and before that I must return my keys and get my deposit back for the apartment. But luckily I seem to have found somewhere to live in Ireland - a room in a house near where I lived before. It was about the only place I could find that I could just move straight into, plus I do not have to sign on for a full year which I would prefer. It looks like a nice house and hopefully the people are alright. And it doesn't cost too much (though still more than NZ).

So speaking of work, here is my image of the week.

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