01 August 2010

Galway Races

Well this week in Galway was race week. Which means that the city is packed for a week. But that didn't really make much a difference to my week. I would have loved to go for ladies day but instead I went with the postgrad society. And it was still fun, but it would have been more fun if a. it had been sunny and b. there had been a bigger crowd of postgrads and c. I had won more money. So how was the day? Well it was my first horse-race. The races themselves take about 2 minutes. All of the rest of the time is spent betting. All the bookies insist on a 5 euro minimum so I bet on the first race, I chose a name that looked interesting.

But I didn't win. So I stopped betting because I really wasn't there to make money. It wasn't ladies day but the women in general still dress up nice. So later I managed to come across the more official betting company and they gave a lucky-dip type ticket. So I got that. It didn't win anything either. And it was getting cold and my feet were sore, due to the high-heels and all. But I went with my friends as they placed their last bet for the last race. And I was just wandering around having a look, wondering if I should also place another bet. And I overheard some old fella's talking about this horse, not the favourite but one of the one's way up there. They were saying how it has just won millions in Japan and now has moved to Ireland to train. So I figured what the hell, I'll bet on that. And it won!!! So I came out on top! Not by much because I didn't bet much but still, at least I didn't lose anything! But you know, if I had bet all my rent money on that horse I would be so rich right now. Of course, that is probably how people get in trouble while gambling.

So after all of that. the whole horse-racing thing is not really that interesting. But when you have a bet and it looks like you will win and the horses are near the finish line - then it is quite exciting. In an anxious sort of way, because what if that horse suddenly fell over or something? There were no bad falls though, just one jockey came off of his horse. And I would like to go again next year, and get all fancied up. Except apparently ladies day is really crowded. And it would be nice if it was hot and sunny.

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