08 March 2011

Pancake Day

Did you know that today is Pancake day? Why do we not celebrate this in New Zealand? I know it is a big religious thing but hey, so is Christmas and we do that. So on Pancake Day it is expected that you eat pancakes so I have made pancake mixture and will cook them up for dessert I think, because there is no time for such things in the morning for breakfast. Then after Pancake Day lent begins and all the good catholics give up something that makes them happy. But here in Ireland it seems that St Pat's day is a day off, so you get to have a break from Lent. And then finally Easter comes and apparently you enjoy you easter eggs and hot cross buns all the more because you have been going without yummy things during Lent. This sounds like a terrible idea to me, I do not want to give up eating nice things. Lucky I was not raised with this strange religion.

Anyway the weather is properly spring still, it is not raining, and I am planning a trip to Paris! My mum is coming to visit, so I am organising her a short stay in London, then to come here to Galway (and I don't know what sort of entertainment she expects here because there is nothing to do in Galway) and then we will go to Paris! Two days, maybe three, and who knows when I will go there again so we will do as much as possible. Go to the Louvre, Notre Dame, the markets (there is a huge fabric market I hear) and the art-quarter, and a cabaret! It will be expensive but what's the point of money if you don't spend it? So I should really get to work so that I deserve a holiday in a month. And then another month after that I should be off to Belgium and Germany. So yay, travelling is beginning again.

Also, it was recently my sister's birthday, her 25th no less, and she is stuck on bedrest in Dunedin. So my brother promised to go visit her on her birthday and take her a frappacino from Starbucks, that's all she wanted. So she told him what bus to take and I warned him that it was a very long way so he should catch a ride somehow but he managed to have no money for the bus and missed it. So he walked, and it turns out that I was right and it is a very long way, up a big hill, and a very hard walk. And it was a hot day apparently. When he finally arrived to see my sister, on her birthday, he gives her a half of a frappacino. You see, the walk was just so hard that he had to drink the other half! What a dickhead. And his response to this? He says 'LOL, next time he will be prepared'. So another typical day for my family. Yet at the same time, why should she complain? Sure, she's stuck on bedrest, but because everybody knows she is stuck on bedrest two people organised for bakeries to deliver her a birthday cake! One of those people being Mum. And my brother got a birthday cake one year aswell. I never did! And apparantly one of the cakes was so chocolatey it was impossible to eat more than a small slice! I bet you I could do it. Oh well. It was a mate's birthday over the weekend and I made cake - a huge Devil's Food Cake. Very chocolatey. So I also have nothing to complain about!

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