13 June 2011

Another long weekend

This weekend was three days long and I did very little! Which is of course what a long weekend is for and it was well deserved after such a long week - 5 whole days! Very tedious days too. This long weekend I managed not to sun-burn myself to a crisp so that is an improvement. Of course, it hasn't really been that sunny, which is a bit of a shame. But it did not make a lot of difference to me because I spent a lot of the weekend ignoring the outdoors and staying in bed! I did venture out for a shopping trip though, and I found a pair of shoes that I would have loved, but they were just a teensy bit too small and because they were so very on sale there was of course only the one pair. So I did not get awesome new shoes for only 3 euro. To make up for it I made sure to buy myself an ice-cream. Soon I will return to Ireland where they do not sell delicious gelato on every street-corner so I must make the most of it over the next week!

My only real activity for the weekend was to visit the Universum, Bremen's science museum, which people kept telling me about. Here you can see it below, sometimes it is called the whale because it apparently looks like a big silver whale breaching. I think it looks like a crashed UFO.

Unfortunately in my opinion the Universum was not all it was cracked up to be. But then I don't have much patience for museums in general and this one is largely aimed at children, and other people that do not know the basics of science. So of course it was very full of noisy kids. And it was very big so it took about 5 hours to get through. For me the best exhibits were the last ones, in the Earth section, where they had some cool gadgets like a liquid-metal that forms all sorts of shapes when a magnet is applied, and looking at ice-crystals through polarised glass, which is what the pretty colours are that you see below.

Finally after 5 hours of traipsing around a stuffy museum my friends and I finished off the evening by visiting the park, which is far more my cup of tea, and makes me wish that Galway had a nice park. There is a house made of hedges, with windows to look out of. It is nice but would be nicer if it was made of flowering hedges or roses or something. The park is really big, sort of like a small forest in places, with trees and rabbits and deer. They are small deer, but I still am amazed to see deer in the middle of a city.

So at the park I amused myself by taking pictures of flowers, because that is what I like to do.

Then there were some baby geese that were very cute. There were adults too and the mother goose kept hissing at me. There is a little farm area in the park  you see, with pigs and goats and sheep. Peacocks too, there was one up on the roof of a shed making an awful racket. And there were donkeys, the kind that always look sad, so if I hadn't already eaten my apple I would have offered it to the poor things because they looked so glum. Plus one of them was hugely pregnant and must have been rather uncomfortable - maybe that was why she looked so down.

On the way out of the park I found a tiny frog on the ground. Then I saw more of them and realised that they were everywhere on the paths so then I had to watch my step because I didn't want to stand on them. It was hard to take a photo of one because they kept jumping away. I found some rabbits too but they also didn't appreciate me trying to get closer. So I left them alone, it was getting late anyway, time to go home and now I must get an early night because I have another long week of work ahead, have to be up early. Of course when I say long, it is not really long, because it is only a four day week. My last week in Bremen, so I must try to be less boring and do something interesting, so that I have more to say when people ask me how was Bremen.

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