13 July 2011

Sunny Galway (it does happen sometimes)

I guess it is high time to update this even though life is a little dull at the moment so I have no exciting things to say. I will just say less exciting but somewhat funny things instead. Today is hot and sunny. Unfortunately it is Wednesday. I am at work, because I am a good student and do not skive off, although I have spent about 3 hours of today giving zoology museum tours and not doing my actual work. It is difficult to get motivated though when all I want to do is go outside and enjoy the brief sunshine. It is so good today that I even risked wearing a skirt! Of course, I do have spare clothes in my office desk for when the weather suddenly changes or I arrive to work soaked from torrential rain. The google weather forecast tells me that there is a chance of rain today and also every other day. The BBC weather forecast tells me it will start raining by the weekend. This does not bode well, I do not want sunshine while I am at work.

However, seeing as that is what I have, I decided to go off to the library just as an excuse to get outside for a short walk in the sun. As I was reaching one of the entrances, which like the others has an electronic sliding door, three people were walking toward the door from the other side. They reached it before I did, these three people walking side by side, and of course the door opened as it should and they continued walking with barely a pause, not even thinking about it. Which is why they failed to notice that the doors did not open overly wide and one of the blokes on the end did not quite make it through the door. He mostly banged into the door, really loudly, making it shake a lot. Then he just stood there looking a bit confused. Then he began to gesture and say something. These people were Spanish I think so I don't know what was said but I'm pretty sure it would have been along the lines of 'would you look at that, the door did not open'. Finally he stopped just standing there and moved along so that I could continue on my way, only now I had something to laugh about.

So yesterday another funny thing happened to me, which once explained is not actually overly funny but for the beginning at least it is. I was quite pleased to find a letter in my mailbox from the health board, which was hopefully an appointment for a consultation. I opened up to find that yes, it was an appointment letter, only the date said the 2nd of January (which first of all had me a little concerned because I will not be here on that day) but then I saw the year and looked twice and realised that this is surely not my appointment. Since when are you given appointments 12 years in advance? Of course I immediately assumed it must be a mistake, they surely are not giving out appointments for 2024, so I went and called up the hospital. After being told that I am on a waiting list I explained that I had just been given an appointment for 2024, and seeing as this cannot be possible can they tell me when my appointment is? So, then I get the explanation, which makes it much less funny and just another story of the messed up system here with overworked hospitals where a lot of little mistakes are made. So, it turns out that when put on a waiting list the computer system automatically gives you an appointment date in the very far future but this is not really real, you are just on the waiting list. Only somebody printed this out and then somebody else picked it up and must have put it in the outgoing mail box and so I got this letter. It happens sometimes, she told me. On the upside, the very kind secretary on the phone had a look at the waiting list and actually gave me a real appointment, for this year and not in another decade. So you see the explanation really takes the funniness away.

Yesterday I also went to the movies because just like back home it is cheaper to go on a Tuesday. We saw a movie called The Guard and I have no idea if it will be released in NZ because it is an Irish movie and it is very odd to see Galway on the big screen. They make it look a lot cleaner and emptier. They are at least truthful about the rainy state of this county though. And it was a comedy and really quite funny, and had quite a good ending. So if it is released in NZ I do recommend it, then you will see a little of where I live. On Monday as far as I can remember nothing exciting or funny happened but on Sunday I got rained on, and brought a bright pink umbrella, and a square muffin pan. I just couldn't resist the novelty of square muffins and cupcakes. On Satuday I watched the movie Happy Feet which I had never seen before and was quite different to what I expected - it's interesting to see all the ecological save-the-planet overtones that they are putting into children's movies these days. Great idea in my opinion, they should do it more often, in fact they should probably include subliminal messages in all television to encourage people to recycle and boycott large fisheries and stop using so much oil and all that other bad stuff.

But as you can see I am clearly procrastinating and should be working, although now it is 4.30 in the afternoon the day is practically done so I might as well just go home. Work is too hard. I should buy a lotto ticket. And go enjoy the sunshine before it disappears.

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