02 August 2011

Moving Apartments

Galway has been incredibly hectic the last few weeks, there have been so many people in town. First was the Arts festival and then immediately after the Galway Races. The races were the bigger even I think, town was absolutely packed with people, all dressed up nice, and in the evenings they would block off the streets that the most popular pubs are on and one place had an open truck with a band in it. There was a big stage and ferris wheel set up at the docks and from my old apartment I could hear the music blasting, but unfortunately never got around to going down to check it out. So the streets were a mess and there was a lot of noise but that's to be expected, what was more of a problem was trying to move apartments in the middle of all this, especially seeing as the new flat is right in the very centre of town, where all the streets were closed. So I spent the Friday of my long weekend packing, and then was woken at 6am to move on Saturday! Why 6, you might wonder? Well, my housemate's Dad was helping us and wanted to beat the crowd. And despite the awfulness of getting up to move at 6 it was actually neccesary because when we finished at 11 the parks had all disappeared, we had to walk a fair way with the last few items. Then to unpack, and then to go back and clean the new place!

So basically by the end of Saturday I was shattered. From the new place the crowds out in the streets can be heard so instead of catching up on sleep I went out with a friend to have a look see and did not come home till late. Only to find that the new apartment is quite warm, and it is quite humid outside at the moment, which makes sleeping rather difficult. Then 3 am rolls around and a fire alarm goes off! It stopped quickly enough but what would you know, at 7 am it went off again! At which point more sleep was mostly out of the question. I later found out that some drunks had been pressing the buzzers of all the apartments and finally somebody let them in after they said they were attending a party in the building (at 3 am in a quiet building - what was she thinking?!). So these drunks came in, went up the stairs, set of a fire alarm and then scarpered, smashing the door to the building on their way out. The alarm system downstairs was still beeping in the morning so I called the number on the box and the guy that answered very reluctanctly gave me a rough idea of how I might stop the damn thing beeping, and eventually I figured it out, no thanks to him. Apparently this has never happened before though, not even during race week. So let's hope it was a once off.

So for the rest of the day I cleaned and unpacked the new place, tried to make things nice, and there was always still more to little things to sort out at the old place. I was still so shattered, but spent the afternoon sewing with a friend who is learning to make clothes. I had yet another pair of jeans that were getting worn out, in fact so worn out you could see through the fabric when you held it up to the light! So I cut them up and you see I already made one pair into a calf length skirt, and another into an above the knee skirt, and on this pair of jeans the knees were wrecked so I made an indecently short skirt! I also need to make an apron because I keep ruining my t-shirts while cooking, so there is more group sewing planned for tomorrow. Seeing as it was a long weekend there was no work on Monday, it wasn't absolutely neccesary to go to bed early and catch up on sleep, and the crowds out in the street sounded like fun, it was so packed in the streets that there was no difference between them and a pub, and there was a band playing in a truck again. It turned out not to be a great band but that's OK. Only it was still so humid, both outside and even more so in my new place, in fact the new place is extra warm, perhaps because there are cafe's and restaurants on the ground floor with big kitchens and stuff. So I slept terribly and had bad dreams and today barely worked. I will have to try make the last 3 days of the week really count becuse next Monday I am off to Belgium!

So the new place is really amazing, I love it. It is a little small, but still has loads of space, and it is really nice and grown-up, like a real home and not a student place. Like how on Friends they live in apartments but they are really nice. The kitchen is awesome, it is big and we have a full size fridge and freezer and a microwave (been without one a whole year!) and the oven seems to be good. We have big windows and there are already loads of nails in the walls so it is already perfect for hanging all my pictures up! The couches are comfortable, way better than what I had to put up with the last year. The coffee table is glass and I keep banging my legs against it, I have big bruises. And still have sore arms from lifting boxes. The guinea pig is at home in the place already, enough so that he chewed through the cable of my beautiful fairy lights. My bedroom is smallish but much larger than I thought it would be, everything fits just fine and the bed is a really good one! The room is dark at night, a bit too dark maybe, everytime in the night that I try to turn on my lamp or grab my bottle of water I knock everything over! And when I awoke on Sunday morning, after my first night here, to the fire alarm blaring, I tried to get out of the wrong side of the bed, the side I used to get out of but that is now against the wall. So clearly I was not immediately successful at getting out of bed.

So here are a couple of pictures of the new place and now I must go and eat something and get a very early night!

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