15 October 2011

Recovering from surgery

Did I mention that I was having surgery this week? If not, I guess that's because it didn't really seem like such a big deal, just a real quick thing that is pretty commonplace. I went in on Wednesday, had surgery that night and was out Friday morning. It would have been even sooner but there were complications so the procedure took them over 2 hours. Luckily though they still managed it by keyhole surgery so I'm not left with a huge gash across my stomach. Just 4 small ones. The one on my bellybutton is a bit sore - it is the biggest one and the most bruised, and that is the one that they pulled my gallbladder out of. I have painkillers to take for a week and last night I had the craziest dreams so I hope that settles down because I would prefer a proper night's sleep. I was advised to be up an about so instead of staying in bed all day I joined in pizza night last night, which then turned into ice-cream night because the doctor did tell me I can now eat whatever I like. Maybe today I'll rest on the couch a bit more though. The rainy day outside is putting me off.

Of course being being in recovery mode means that the road trip for this weekend had to be cancelled, so no new places to see or Irish countryside to look at. It was to be a work trip but health and safety concerns say that I have to refrain from fieldwork till I have the doctor's say so, which is about 10 days. That's OK though, a trip would have been fun but there'll be plenty to do here over the weekend and I have loads of work to do next week so a rest will be nice. Except I won't really be completely resting, I have work to do. I got into a research day competition in which I am one of 10 PhDs to present my research and there are 3 money prizes. That seems like pretty good odds to me! Only the presentation is to be no more than 5 minutes so that will be rough. So I am half read, I have plenty of older talks to fall back on, but I will need some practice time.

However this week I am finally getting off my butt and getting back into labwork so I will have no time to spare! I have been working on writing up my first set of results for publication in a scientific journal and now I have the re-write back from my supervisor so I have to deal with that. At the same time, I am beginning work with a colleague to dissolve the glue I have collected and look at the proteins. But that doesn't seem to be a hugely successful avenue to go down so I am also beginning this week to look for the expression of genes for adhesive proteins that have already been discovered. It doesn't stop there however; the week after, as I continue the molecular work, I'm also starting a new type of microscopy that is supposed to tell me about all of the organic chemistry within my adhesive. That's three new, huge things all at once! Plus a presentation competition that I'd really like to win!!

Luckily I prefer to have more work than less, it's easier to concentrate. When there is not much to do I get distracted and don't do anything at all (or so it seems, maybe I have been doing stuff though). Plus I don't much like just resting for days on end, I would get so bored. I have books to read, and movies to watch, but everybody else is busy working anyway so that's not so much fun. I have been trying to knit a hat - it will be my first and if it is good and I will knit many more! It's really fast too, much faster than a scarf. I would like to get out my sewing machine and make stuff but fabric is so expensive here! I found some cotton with cupcakes printed on it though so now I really want to make it into an apron. Plus halloween is coming and I need a costume. Speaking of which, now that October is here there are finally real pumpkins to buy so I am going to go and get dressed and go down to the market to get one. Then I will have to get somebody to chop it up for me since nobody seems to trust me with big knives. But then there can be pumpkin pie! And pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bread and anything else I can think of!

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