07 November 2011

Another year older

This weekend was my birthday, and the weekend before that halloween - in between was a four day week yet it was still so exhausting. First of all, for halloween, making pumpkin pie was very succesful but carving a pumpkin was not. For one thing, carving pumpkins is difficult and I guess I am just not that skilled with a knife. But even worse was the fact that when I took the top off of my pumpkin I found that inside it was completely rotten!!!

It was so gross. It was like pumpkin puke. It was so unexpected I was at a loss for words, I just didn't know what to do with it! Luckily it didn't smell. I attempted to empty it out and scrape it clean, then made a half-arsed effort at carving it. My sloppy hacking at the pumpkin became an aquarium of angular looking fish. With that done, I packed up and went home, leaving my sad pumpkin behind, and halloween was over.

It turns out that you can carve orange skins aswell.

A week later and my birthday came around. I actually forgot about the time difference until I got a message on facebook - then I remembered that my NZ birthday had started and because of the time difference I can claim 36 hours of birthday, as opposed to the usual 24. Luckily that Friday was my baking day and I had made chocolate cookies so there were goodies to celebrate with. The next day I did very little, practically nothing really. I attempted to go shopping but it is too crowded here and there are not enough shops. I cooked, and in the evening I had friends over. I was given one of those contraptions that does fancy frosting, but also does cookies! It is called a cookie-press I think, and I remember that Mum always had one but never used it. A friend made me an amazingly huge cake with really yummy frosting, and chocolate covered strawberries.

So now my birthday is over too but that's OK because 24 is a nicer number than 23. I have a piece of cake left to eat this evening, not that I am much hungry because there was a wine and cheese reception on in the department this evening and I had so much cheese on crackers! Still, cake is always good. So I will sit on the couch, with cake and a good book, trying to ignore the guinea pig's noisy feasting on a cardboard box. Three and a half weeks till I got to NZ.

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