18 March 2012

St Paddies

This spider was on my bedroom wall this morning. Actually, it was this afternoon because I didn't feel like getting out of bed this morning. Who knows how long it had been there. Yuck. But I am home alone this weekend so I had to take care of it myself. I was going to call a friend that lives nearby but it was a skinny spider so I figured I could handly it. I took my largest glass (it is a big purple plastic drinking cup) and I placed it over the spider and as soon as I did so the spider freaked out and started moving really fast, so I was worried that it would somehow get out. But of course it couldn't. I put a postcard beneath it and tipped it out the window. I did not appreciate that start to the day.

It is St Patrick's day today and town was packed. I went out to get groceries and could barely get through the main street. They were all drinking already. I missed the parade but it is not much good. The streets were absolutely filthy. The day is a bit of a let down really because it is just a big drunken mess. It is nice to have an excuse to dress up and wear green but it must be really disappointing for those people with kids because from morning onwards the streets are full of gross drunk people. I think St Paddies might be more fun back home perhaps, because we don't take it quite so far, which means you can actually enjoy it instead of being packed shoulder to shoulder with drunken buffoons and girls that are wearing tops in place of dresses (the girls here like to dress like hookers you see). From my apartment I can hear a lot of people talking and a background of music. The music is ok but the talking and shouting is really annoying. Especially when at 4 am people who live in other apartments in this building come home from town and put on really loud music and talk really loud and just be all-round dickheads. Why can't everyone just want to go to sleep like I do?

Tomorrow is Sunday and my plan is to do very little, and to do most of that on the couch in front of the tele. It is supposed to rain. There is no hiking this week, but last week I went and it was really good. It was misty so there was not much view, but it wasn't too hard and my muscles were not sore afterward. We'll see how next week goes though, maybe it was just an easy hike and my fitness is not actually improving. Monday here is a public holiday, which I should not take because I have a lot of work to do, but I work in labs that are not actually my own and I don't have keys for them, so I guess I have no choice but to not work? I can't really work at home these days because my computer is too slow to run the software that I use. I would like a new computer. Perhaps I should go check my lotto ticket tomorrow and maybe it will say that I have won and then I can go on a shopping spree. I would like a new computer, and new towels and sheets, and a food processor, and new boots. Not to mention to live a life of leisure.

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