27 May 2012

Heat Wave

It has been strangely hot here. The entire last week has been nice weather. Finally it was Saturday and I didn't have to work. It was 27 degrees! We drove out to a beach, the coral beach, which instead of sand has a type of coral called maerl all washed up. Lots of little shells too and for once I refrained from picking them up. Instead I lay on the beach all day. I am so impressed with myself - I didn't get burnt for once. I was very smart and wore plenty of sunscreen and kept reapplying it. We even managed to go for a swim. The water was icy cold! It was the type of cold where you step in and immediately have to stop out because the cold gets right into the bones of your ankles. Then you get back in and wait until it feels ok, then inch in bit by bit. Only there was lots of seaweed so we didn't want to go deep. Instead we had go back to the shallows and sit down, slowly, bit by bit, then edge back into the slightly deeper water. Eventually the water was up to my ribcage and after that it was ok to sort of swim a bit. In a shallow, paddling sort of way. There was a small boy that was threatening to splash us. He must have only been about 3 but the water was very cold so it was a pretty heavy threat. I stayed in the water as long as I could and then the sun did not seem so hot. In fact it took quite a long time to warm up again. Finally I was warm again and then it was time to go home because it turned out we had been at the beach for hours. Everybody else was burnt and will be so uncomfortable tomorrow but I am good! On the way home we stopped for ice-cream - here it is not common to get scooped ice-cream, instead the soft-serve ice-creams are really common. They call them a 99 - once upon a time I guess they cost 99 cents. They pile so much softserve into the cone and stick a flake into it. It is so much that even I struggle to eat it. I really wish it would stay so warm for the entire summer. I will be so sad if it gets cold again.

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