18 October 2012

Be seeing you all soon...

Coming home for Christmas, bought the ticket last night, I arrive in Christchurch on the 19th of December:

In the process I learnt my lesson about making somewhat last-minute decisions - it cost me a bloody fortune, as much as last year's return flight did and this is just one way. Yep, one way. Hopefully I will be finished and have handed in my thesis, then I will come back and hibernate for a couple of months (in the sunshine because if it is not sunny I might just run away to Australia). I will have to return to Ireland for the oral exam and to make corrections and then that will be it.

However, if I don't get my thesis finished before I leave I guess I will be coming back for longer. And I really want to get it finished. So I'm going to get back to work now. It is slow, and stressful, and nervewracking and somewhat depressing. But if I can keep working really hard for the next couple of weeks I should have a draft finished. I hope. Cross all your fingers for me.

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