20 September 2013

Finishing my PhD thesis

Well how long has it been since I have written here? Has it been a month or more? Well I'm really sorry, but I was busy - with work, with my thesis, and with being exhausted. But now it is over! I finished the full draft of my thesis last week and this week has been proofreading. Just now I sent the file to the printer in Galway and it will be handed in within a week, whenever the form that I had to sign arrives over there in the post. So it's pretty much over and for the next couple of weeks I will not think about it at all. This blog is not the only thing that has been neglected this last wee while - I haven't done any housework, I have hardly contacted my friends, I have forgotten people's birthdays and I have not been working on my publishing diploma. So now I have time to rest and to do whatever I want for awhile, then it will be time to arrange the defense exam and prepare for that. Hopefully there will be no corrections and it will just be all done. There are still a couple of papers to get published but I stopped caring quite some time ago - now I will just go with whatever my supervisor wants.

As for other things, I intend to get back into telling the world (as in, the couple of people that are listening) about all the crazy things that go on in my life through the medium of this blog. For instance, yesterday morning I was out with the dog; we bike to the dog-park and then walk, then bike home. It was really stormy and when I came back over the hill from the dog-park my bike was gone! I though to myself who would steal my crappy bike? And in fact I was more concerned about the dog leash that was with it, it probably cost more than the bike did. Then I looked over the road and it was way over there in a gorse bush. I think the wind must have blown it away but at the same time that seems sort of unlikely. Who would know. Anyway, then we were biking home, taking it slow, and some guy in a car nearly hit us because he was not watching where he was going at all! Luckily no harm was done and we went on our way. But what a morning, right? And speaking of stormy weather, I have been trying to start a vege garden and some of my seeds were starting to grow, but then the wind the other week blew all my pots down and everything was spilt - some I managed to salvage but I'm not entirely sure what is what now. So you see, despite being busy life has gone on as normal and I still have funny incidents to make a story out of - hopefully from now on I will have the energy to write again. And start taking photos so you can see where I live now! Anyway, time to go, have celebrating to do (not much though because most of my new friends are busy).

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