01 June 2015

May 2015

So what has happened in May? Well the big thing is I started my new job. My title is Investment Coordinator and I am very busy. It's good though. It's also good to know I will have a good pay cheque coming in until October. And I know when I stop to thin about it that's only 4 months away but this work will put me a good position for finding a permanent role afterwards. Plus I will meet a lot of people in various science areas over the next few months so that should come in handy too.

In the meanwhile I am still an employee of the museum and today I had a shift there. It is so hard to find spare time nowadays so I only work at the museum on a public holiday, and only for 4 hours. But today was pretty dull, compared to my normal day at work, and it's not like a really need the money. For once I am actually being paid for the public holidays that I don't work so I don't need to be able to make that day up with a second job. So I might just let that one go. If I end up between jobs again I would rather temp again for awhile.

Work has been keeping me that busy that I don't really have much other news. A lot of my spare time goes into planning my lessons for my tutoring. We have been doing basic physics and now doing basic chemistry. We watch youtube videos and are making our own periodic table. The commute to and from work every day gives me time to crochet - I have been working and working and working on a baby present and it is finally nearly finished. I can't wait, hopefully it will be finished tomorrow and I can finally work on something else again, and read books too. I try to find time for sewing too but there's not usually any time left after finding time to walk the dog and eat and shower and stuff. I did make a new dress this weekend though.

I'm looking forward to coming down to Invers in two weeks. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing weekend. And not full of shitty weather. It's been a bit rough here but it's still a lot warmer most the time than down south. And the floods didn't really hit central Wellington so we weren't bothered by all that. I did get to leave work early though.

And that's all for May really. I can't think of any funny Cher stories ... oh wait I do have a story. It's a car story, not a dog story. So the car wouldn't start one night, not at all, and it wouldn't start in the morning either. Problems with it in general at the moment - sometimes it revs up and down when it's stopped at the lights. Sometimes it stalls when it's stopped at the lights. And sometime it accelerates itself when in first gear. But all hope is not lost - the battery was probably the reason for the stalling so that should get better. The battery guy tested it before changing it and said he was amazed it had got us this far, it was way below the point where they normally recommend buying a new one. And all in all it cost less that $100 to get sorted. As for the other issues - CRC on the accelerator cable usually takes care of the accelerating problem and hopefully the revving issue turns out to be simple too. Maybe it will pass its next warrant after all! Because buying a new car is not really an ideal situation right now.

Right, now I really have to go and do my lesson for the week and make some dinner.

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