02 September 2015

August 2015

I forgot to post again! I actually remembered on the weekend but then later forgot. But it's only the 2nd, it's not too late! The great thing about having a decent smartphone now is I can post from the bus! And what a bus ride it has been. I got on outside work only to find it was one of those horrible broken down old buses with serious issues. It was making a loud high pitched noise constantly, the drive tried turning the off and on a few times but it didn't help. Then the bus stopped and wouldn't go again so we were told to get off and wait at the next stop for the next bus. Then our bus started again and drove past us! So I reached the next bus stop with the rest of the stranded passengers and we all got back on. A few blocks later we stopped again, and had to get out again, and wait for another bus to come get us. And now we are finally on our way, and the later bus just drive past us. Should have just stayed at work longer today!

So that is the life of a commuter. I've been very busy this month, with work and life. My usually non-existent social life has reared its head and my weekends are getting quite busy, but at least I'll have plenty to write about for the next couple of posts. For this one though I think I'll just keep you all in the dark and see how a few things pan out before giving a complete life update. I think it's enough that I'm coming down south for a couple of days and bringing N with me. Should be fun despite the awful weather forecast! I have a dogsitter lined up and I got through a really crazy half week at work with my sanity intact, now I deserve a four-day weekend!

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