31 August 2017

August 2017

It has been a long month but it is finally over. Winter is over and we had a week of really spring-like weather to give us all hope that this year summer will be a good one. Of course, now that it's actually about to be spring it's raining again and isn't forecast to stop for days (so everything is muddy again). But we had some warm weather and sunshine. My daffodils are all coming out and my peach tree has its first flower budding. I bought fruit trees and now we have another peach, a plum, an apple and a lemon tree getting established. The peach and apple are duals so they will grow two different types of fruit each. And I have finished clearing my meadow slope. I ordered wildflowers to plant there, under the fruit trees, but they went to our old address. I changed the address but only the billing address changed, not the shipping address. Which is weird because I have ordered other stuff from my favourite garden website and had it delivered here. Somehow my profile must have reverted. I'm pretty gutted that I won't be getting my flowers.

Work has been rough this month. We have had a lot on our plates for the whole year really, but this month we have had a team restructure announced. There was no consultation or warning and it comes at a really bad time - with the election coming up who knows what could change, we could have so much more disruption coming. It would have been good to have at least a little bit of time with nothing major going on. It's had a big impact on the energy and mood of the team and it's not much fun.

Luckily we are going on holiday soon. I am so exhausted, I think I probably have not had enough breaks this year. We are going to Australia at the end of September, in about 4 weeks, and it can't come soon enough. Townsville we be pretty warm, much warmer than here, so it will be like a summer holiday. I have a list of a bunch of stuff I want to do there, it includes a stay on Magnetic Island, visiting the aquarium, going to the night market and ice-cream parlours. I'm not sure what all the family will be doing - it is my Granma's 80th (and her twin sister's) so there will be some sort of party, and there will be various family members around for the week prior to that so I assume we'll spend some time with them. But it's also a holiday for us. And luckily the pet-sitting problem is sorted for this time around thanks to Nathan's family.

We've also been making more progress on work around the house. I have almost finished making curtains! 2 out of 3 windows in the living room have curtains (3rd will be done this weekend) and the spare bedroom is half curtained too. It will be finished before we leave on holiday. Nathan finally finished his shed and now his tools are finally out of the house! There is so much empty space along the walls now, it looks so strange. We will have to fill it with furniture. And he also made a gate to keep my naughty chickens in. I moved their fencing out and they have been clearing grass from below our bedroom window. Next I will plant native trees there. The last few days they have stayed in their area but when they really want out they find a way. They squeeze under all sorts of gaps and go on adventures down to my veggie garden. I have had to put netting around it so I could put my seedlings in. I have tiny little broccoli plants in there and I hope they survive. Soon my carrot seedlings will be big enough to plant, so I will have to put netting around the second raised bed. I hope that I manage to be a successful food gardener.

Time to go. As always, I'll leave you with photos. Then I'm off to bed for an early night.


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