08 May 2010

Galway Again

Been back in Galway a week now. I forgot how it is to be here. I have a list of about a million things to do at work. I arrive early and I leave late, yet the list seems to get larger, not smaller. It is very tiring. Galway is nice though, it is colder than Vienna but the sky seems to be bigger and bluer - perhaps because the buildings are smaller. My new place is okay - the people seem nice but the girl in charge is a of a clean freak, like really OCD about it all. Yet I don't think she understands anything about hygiene really because she is perfectly content to wash the dishes in cold water. Strange. But there is a cat, yay.

My first week has been entirely taken up with work. And now I am back that will probably not change. The barnacles take up a lot of time that I would rather be spending on real work, like what I was doing in Vienna. They have not survived so well over the last four months, I reckon I have only about a third of what I did. It is summer now though and time to begin sampling. So despite the fact that I don't really want more barnacles, at least the sampling is an excuse to go see the beaches around here. And I will have to make the most of the nice weather while it lasts and see what I can of Ireland. Pretty soon I will probably find it hard to believe that I was in Vienna a whole four months.

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