24 May 2010


This morning I check my facebook and what do I see, but a ton of posts complaining about the cold wet weather. And you know why this is so funny? Because here in Ireland it is SUNNY! Over the weekend it was 25 degrees and sunny - I went to the beach! And it was still sunny yesterday, ate lunch outside. And I am burnt, because who would expect it to be so hot and sunny in Ireland in May? They call it a heat-wave! Sadly it is getting cooler and will rain soon enough I'm sure (though it didn't yesterday despite me killing a spider). But maybe it will be hot again, and just a good summer in general. That would be nice.

And the beach here is so funny - the city beach that is. It is just down the street from me. All I need to do is get on my bike and go over a hill and there it is, just 10 minutes away. It was insanely crowded though, just like you see on tv, people everywhere. There are diving platforms too, but of course I was too wussy to go off any but the lowest. It's not a beach full of waves unfortunately but still, better than nothing. So I did the bare minimum of work over the weekend, that can wait till it rains. Instead it was a weekend for going to the beach and reading books outside and of course for BBQ's.

Big few weeks at work to come, so I should probably be working a bit harder. It's so hard when it is still so nice outside though. The other day I made afghans for the people at work - they got a good review but people did wonder about the cornflakes. Plus the cornflakes weren't very crunchy at all. In fact, they weren't really the same as when you get afghans back home. So no pictures. I will stick to ANZAC bikkies I think, everybody loves them. And in a few weeks is a colloquium where we all present our work, and afterwards pot-luck BBQ. So I will make ambrosia, because it turns out it is a NZ thing. Everybody knows of pav, there would be no surprises there if I made one. Ambrosia is much better.

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