07 June 2010

Just more of the same

The last couple of weeks seem to have been all work - thus, nothing interesting to say. Now that I am back in Ireland it really seems like I was never in Vienna. It is strange how easy it is to adapt and feel a sense of normalcy. But on a bright note, I made ANZAC biscuits this past week. I brought them to work and shared them out, and everybody thinks they are absolutely amazing. So there is something for us kiwis (and aussies) to be proud of - we have given the world ANZAC biscuits.

In a couple of weeks is the colloquium - it is a presentation day for which all of us post-grad students must present to the department. Which seems rather scary. So instead of focussing on that I am focussing on the pot-luck BBQ that will be held afterward. I intend to make Ambrosia, and I am sure I will stick to that although now I also think maybe I should do lamingtons - they do not have them here in Ireland at all. But there will be other things to make lamingtons for. Only I have no nice big serving bowl for the Ambrosia. And here in Ireland it is not so easy to find marshmallows for some reason, and impossible to get chocolate chips. And to put the two together and have lollies that are marshmallow with a chocolate coating (like toasties and chocolate hearts and chocolate fish), now that is absolutely inconceivable to people in this part of the world. I was even asked if the chocolate would not cause the marshmallow to melt (being hot when it is liquid and all). But it seems that chocolate fish at least are not actually a NZ delicacy - they are also very popular in South Africa I am told.

Next weekend I will be in London, and after that I am sure I will have plenty to tell. Or at least I will have some interesting photos. I just hope that it is sunny - it is bad enough to have miserable weather in Ireland, I expect proper holiday weather every time I travel. In anticipation of such an expectation I am planning on visiting Abu Dhabi in the next few months, while it is still hot and sunny. I will spend a week or two having a real summer. And hopefully I will be able to keep my inclination to shop in check. The same goes for London (I hear they have many very nice shops).

It is a long weekend here in Ireland, but not for the Queen's birthday of course. I think it may be some sort of religous holiday. I have had to be at work though, with my animals to feed and this presentation to work on. I haven't really done a whole lot though, so that sort of makes up for it. But now I must go and finish feeding them - the barnacles that is. If there was to be some sort of accident and they all just expired away, that would be okay by me. I mean, sure, it would not be so good for my work. But at least I wouldn't have to be spending all my time feeding and cleaning the bloody things - they are not much fun you know. Far more fun is the fact that my housemate is getting a puppy. It will be a stupid yappy thing (as if a terrier isn't bad enough, it is a mini terrier), but any puppy is better than no puppy. So on that note I guess I will go and do some work.

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