17 June 2010

Absolutely Insane Week

Well today I most definately have more to say than just same-old. To make up for the mundaneness of the prior couple of weeks things have been absolutely flat-out busy with plenty of out-of-the-ordinariness. And yes today I am making up words.

So since this time last week (because I really cannot for the life of me remember any earlier than that right now) (actually no that's a lie. Since Monday of last week - so 10 days ago) I have helped to finalise the book chapter that I am going to be a co-author of, prepare a presentation of my work that I would have liked to have been working on way earlier, make huge changes to said presentation, been to London for the weekend (while trying to memorise my talk) and have not enough sleep due to travel, seen London and Linda and Paul (who mentioned lack of names in my writing so perhaps I should get over my cautioness and just begin to tell the world on this completely public site all about the people that I spend my days with?), make more changes to my talk and continue to try to learn it while staying up till midnight to help my colleague completely re-write is own presentation and talk, make yet more changes and practice and try to memorise my own talk, not get enough sleep due to nerves waking me at 5.30am and do my presentation in front of the department (and I'm pretty sure I did bloody amazing).

And if you look carefully you will see that the above paragraph has no full-stops. And hopefully no spelling mistakes - writing is proving to be rather challenging to me. It's okay though because for tonight at least I can finally relax - and I finally have time to write about London.

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