05 October 2010


Here I am in Dubai and it is so freaking hot! Currently I am staying with Mum in this apartment complex that you can see here. It is so fancy, it's like a hotel, with expensive shops and pools everywhere.

The beach is right next to us, but unfortunately the water is so warm that it is not at all refreshing. Not only that but as soon as I got in a jellyfish stung me! How unfair is that! It was not too hot because it was the end of the day when I was at the beach but still way too warm.

Out in the water were parasailers. I would love to have the money to do that but on this trip at least I do not.

Instead I am spending my money on going to Atlantis, the waterpark! My first theme park. You can't see it in the photo below, it is too hazy, just a shadow. The problem with the heat is that the air is very hazy so photos are not at all clear. Not like at Christmas time. It is nice that it is warmer than it was then, but it is too hot now. All it takes is five minutes out in the sun and it is time to go back in.

Now I will go and continue to sulk about my jellyfish sting. Tomorrow Atlantis, and on Friday a brunch, on Saturday maybe the big fancy mosque, and sometime next week the Burj Dubai, tallest tower in the world (and next to it Dubai mall, biggest mall in the world!).

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