02 October 2010

Goodbye Rain

So, today I am leaving rainy Ireland for Dubai, sand and sunshine. And only just in time too. Yesterday morning I was walking to university, it was fine when I set out and mostly fine when I arrived. But in between! I was halfway across the bridge when suddenly the sky opened up and poured down buckets on me! Within all of 5 seconds I was absolutely saturated, before I even made it off of the bridge. And it is not like there is anywhere to shelter on a bridge. So I got soaked. And it really pissed me off. If only I had left a day earlier. Then what would you know but the same came out, just to tease me. But today I am leaving!

I am right now sitting in Dublin airport and in 10 minutes I will go to the boarding gate. While in the bus here it rained more cats and dogs. But I could think to myself ha-ha, I am leaving this miserable weather. There is internet on the bus amazingly enough (or at least it seems amazing to a kiwi like me) and everything works perfectly fine, except for the blog site. Now I am at the airport and I have free internet even though it is supposedly not free anymore, and everything works, except blogger. What's up with that? But it doesn't matter, because I am on holiday! Work has been terrible lately and for the next two weeks I will do my best to not think of it at all. Except for the not-really-work parts, like organising the Halloween and Christmas parties. I will finally have some more interesting stories and photos for you all.

Now I must get to the gate so I will quickly finish my hot chocolate (from Butler's Chocolate Cafe, and it is really delicious, but terribly overpriced – 3.20 Euro, that's like 6 NZ dollars! And the muffin was only average). In ten and a half hours I will be in Dubai, and it will be hot. Yaaay!

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