21 November 2010

Animal Week

1. A Dog.

This week my housemate found a dog. She's a very nice old dog, she followed us to work two days in a row, and the second day stuck around all day, in the rain and cold, until it was dark. So now she is in our apartment and we are trying to find her owners. She has no name because she is not ours though we would quite like her to be.

2. A Guillemot - this bird was found on a sampling trip, it was injured in some way and the intention was to rescue it but it died. So next thing you know this bird was in the -70 degree freezer, waiting to be stuffed. A project for a rainy day and all that.

Well, today was that rainy day.

Some people may be disconcerted by finding such a scene upon entering their office. But me -  no. I walked in on bird dissection - being conducted to jazz music - and was not at all fazed. Perfectly normal course of events really, and something you can easily get away with in a zoology building.

So the empty carcass is above, and it had to be filled with a make-do skeleton. Which was constructed with wire and paperclips.

And then the bird was stuffed with cotton wool, and stitched up. My only part in all of this, other than photography and unhelpful comments, was the stitching.

And now the stuffed bird has been all stretched out to dry, and when dry will be posed in some manner, and hopefully will look good. And if it begins to smell, I will be evicting it from my office. Oh, and it's name is Gill.

3. Another Dog.This dog is not stolen, and has a name. He is Barney and sometimes comes to work in the weekend, which means I get to play with a dog. Isn't he adorable?

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