28 November 2010

Winter has arrived in Galway

So the other night I was walking to a friends place that was much further away than I anticipated, and at first I stepped outside and said 'yay it's not raining' - a real Galway sentiment - and then before you know it it's not only raining but sleeting and then snowing! Real thick fluffy floaty snow. And that was cool. For about 15 minutes. After that it was just cold and wet. But still, at first it was really cool.

And then last night it snowed again - that's two nights in a row! But on this occasion I only watched from indoors which is really the best way to see snow, from inside a warm room. This morning the snow was gone and everything was covered in ice and frost, even the spiderwebs. So I went out taking photos before I am completely over the novelty of this cold weather.

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