26 December 2010

My Winter Christmas

So here I am in Dublin for Christmas, my first winter Christmas. And it is a proper one with all this snow, even the locals have never had such a white Christmas as this.

The house here is decorated to such an extent as I think I have ever seen. Everything is traditional and organised and perfect. And of course it is a catholic household so there is a nativity scene and a statue of the Virgin Mary and I went to mass on Christmas eve. Which was sort of interesting I guess, and also rather long and cold.

And Christmas dinner was delicious and eaten at a beautifully decorated table. Again though, different to my own NZ Christmas. There was turkey and ham, and christmas pudding. But no pavlova or trifle or cheesecake. And no sunshine to lie in afterwards.

Now, the day after Christmas, I am still very full and sitting by the fire. The snow is melting away somewhat. Soon I must go back to Galway and get back to work. There will be no big excitement for New Years, it is too cold and transport cannot be relied on - as soon as you went to the effort to organise something I bet that it would freeze and snow again. On a more positive note though, the icicles are very pretty.

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