02 January 2011

Back in Galway

So here I am in Galway again and strangely enough it is a whole new year. The snow has gone away and it is raining again. It has actually been oddly warm, but then even 0 degrees is warm after -15. I have already started work sadly. I mean, it's not all bad, today would be the first day that I was working all year! Sounds strange to say that. And it went well, but one day going well when I supposedly am supposed to finish all of what I am currently working on in only two months is not actually so much. To top it off, I seem to have a cold. That sucks.

But you know for awhile it was 2010 here for me but already 2011 in New Zealand. Isn't that the weirdest thing? Only everybody was too busy celebrating so there was nobody online for me to tell at the time. As for celebrations here - the strangest thing happened that night. People were out, as they do, partying it up in the early hours of the morning, and apparently these three clubs, all owned by the same people, have some huge tax issue and were liquidated. Only the tax people for some reason showed up at 2 am on the 1st of January, shut the bars down and took away all their stock! I guess the pub owners had been given till January the 1st and the tax people took it very literally. So many people welcomed the New Year and said goodbye to their favourite pubs all at once.

So to exemplify my resolve to at least begin the new year with hard work (and it is not so much a New Year's resolution as a general resolution because I've been saying I need to work harder for months) here is a pretty picture that I took today, I'm not going to bother explaining it because I don't really see that there is any point and then there is the whole intellectual property thing. But these things can be nice to look at without knowing what the hell you are seeing. So ...

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