28 January 2011

This one is really all completely about food

Well the most important thing to everybody I am sure is food, I think it is for me, so that's what I will talk about. Besides, I don't want to disappoint everybody's theories that I am obsessed with food. So I made pumpkin pie and it was good but not as amazingly fantastic as I remember. Not really something you want all the time, just sometimes. It was a bit watery, I think butternuts must have a higher water content. And my brownie didn't work out! I don't know why. It was not fudgy or cakey at all, it was solid and cookie-like. I was not impressed. Other people liked it but clearly I must just make another one.

On a more positive note, I made ANZAC biscuits, and you can't really go wrong with them, and they are delicious. When you bake them people will often tell you that they are the most amazing yummy biscuits ever. So I am slowly converting the world the the greatness of the ANZAC biscuit. And they are so easy to make.

And did you know that lamingtons are a down under thing? I always imagined they were English but they are not. They were actually invented in Australia in the kitchen of one Colonel Lamington by his french chef who fucked up the sponge cake and needed to save his ass. So he cut it up, rolled it in rasberry jelly, coated it in coconut and put cream on top. And there you go, they were a huge hit! So it seems Aussie gets the credit for that one but apparently the chocolate variety is all NZ so that's good because everybody likes chocolate better.

So it is Friday and work is finished for the day, I've been working my butt off and today I get to relax a bit. They are having a dodgeball tournament here, it's a postgrad thing, and I am reffing, which is good because I can't throw or catch and I probably can't dodge either so I didn't really want to play. And of course there will be work tomorrow but it should not be too bad and hopefully I will mostly take the day off on Sunday. At which point I intend to have a go and baking soda bread, and I will make soup to go with it, the weather is warming up here but in my opinion at least you can always have soup. And this next week I intend to make bikkies again, something new and interesting, but it has a secret ingredient so I can't tell you why they are so interesting. If they are good though maybe I will relent.

It's crazy, but January is all bit over. It was a rough month. Everybody says though, that a January slump is common, it is so cold and dark and dreary and going back to work sucks. Do we have this in NZ, even though January is summer? Or do we have this in June and July? Well I think it must be a real true phenomenon because January sucked, I hate working so hard, I have had very little fun, but things are looking up. The days are getting longer, it is only 5pm and it is still quite light. And it is warmer, I am wearing much less layers. I will still be insanely busy next week and the week after, and then less so but still quite busy. Yet the idea of February is quite welcome, despite a lot of work it should be good. A bit more socialising maybe, progress at work I hope, maybe I will manage to begin writing up my results. And of course lots of food to cook! I think we should have a bake sale. That way I have an excuse to bake stuff. And people's birthday's are coming, so cakes will be required! Lot's of chocolate cakes! Which is good because I have some recipes that I have not tried yet, I do not possess the perfect chocolate cake recipe so that will be what I work on for the next couple of months. My distraction from work. It's either that or get me a dog. And that's not really a feasible option at all.

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