05 February 2011

I am told it won't stop raining for all of spring so ...

Today I brought sparkly blue gumboots.

I figure seeing as it won't stop raining I really need gumboots because I would quite like to have dry feet. And it's not so easy to get plain gumboots, there were green ones but not black and I didn't want khaki green. So I had to get glittery ones and the silver was ugly. So it had to be blue. And of course, it's not like anyone could expect any less from me. Had to live up to my reputation.

Saw the movie Black Swan. It was not bad. But not great. It was a bit weird, and dark. The music was good. But I don't appreciate an open ending and it was rather open. I like more of a finish. Then there was burgers. They were quite good but nothing near Velvet burger, I hope that place is still around when I make it back to NZ. Now I am introducing the Irish to Bro' Town. It's not a great show. They are laughing a bit, and luckily don't get all the references because some of them are really stupid.

Tomorrow I will make chocolate cake. I will take it to work for journal club, and then I will hopefully not have to say so much because I don't have so much to say about these marine biology papers. The thing about this chocolate cake recipe though, is that it features mashed sweet potato. Should be interesting. I'll let you know. The chocolate cake might be the highlight of my week. Though the glittery gumboots were pretty good.

Monday update: the chocolate cake was not the highlight of my week. In my opinion it was very average. I think it needed spice, like a pumpkin pie. But still, why bother? I will stick with normal chocolate cake. Sweet potatoes can be saved for roasting.

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