22 May 2011

Bremen Adventures: The beginning . . .

So first of all, just so everyone is clear, I am in Bremen, Germany. Maybe I forgot to mention that I was going so soon? I arrived here on Friday night and have been two whole days without the internet! What a nightmare! But then, I checked my email and after sifting through all the junk there was only one real message! How sad is that? Anyhow, enough of the exclamation marks. How is Bremen? Well it is not an adventure for one thing, it is too unprepossessing for that. It is like a town that has spread outward to make a sprawling city. Some of the buildings in the centre are nice, there is a lot of interesting brickwork is rather different from any I have seen before. Maybe it is just because it is Germanic? I probably need to travel still more.

So the cathedrals and town hall are nice, and there are a couple of cute little streets that have the whole medieval thing going on. The main city centre streets are nice too. But we have yet to see if Bremen is going to be overly amazing. Vienna was great, but it is rated as one of the best cities in the world to live in. I'm not sure where Bremen stands. When I get my stupid computer and internet sorted it will be better because I will feel more connected to the world, not to mention the stupid mobile phone. The course I am doing does not start till Tuesday so it is nice to have some free time but there is no chance to meet people and have fun yet. The first week should not be too busy, but then I should probably try to be un-lazy and spend that free time studying. We'll see . . .

So good points so far about Bremen? First, I forgot how much cheaper food is over here. There are gelateria and eis-cafe's everywhere - who needs real food when there is ice-cream?! The weather is warm, and though it rained today it was still not so bad. The city centre is cute and the tram system manageable. The room I am living in is in the house of a middle aged lady with a humongous dog - she stands against me and leans her head against my stomach.

There are two cats too and the furniture in my bedroom is really old, victorian sort of style, all small and wooden. It is lucky that I am no taller or I would not fit in the bed! It is nice to have a break and change of scenery. As soon as I get my own computer sorted I will add pictures and hopefully soon there will be interesting things to talk about. If not, I'll just put up photos instead. They do speak a thousand words after all.

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