05 May 2011

New, somewhat expensive hobby:

So I have begun learning how to ride a horse. It all began with going on a trek, just for fun, and my friend who had never been on a horse before got so enthused that she wanted lessons. And I love animals so while I can afford it I guess I will get lessons too. So lesson 1 was a lot of trotting and a little bit of cantering, only I got stuck with a lazy slow horse that would barely trot and mostly refused to canter. Next time I want a faster horse. I doubt I will be doing it for long though, it is too pricey!

It has gotten cold here, our good weather lasted a few weeks and now it is overcast, a bit wet, and very windy. The forecast keeps telling me there will be thunderstorms but so far there have been none. A good thunderstorm would be fun so long as it doesn't catch me out of doors. And of course there is nothing to worry about, sure it was unexpected that there would be  tornado in NZ but there definately won't be one here, the only disaster that Ireland is in danger of is being drowned in all the rain! I also just found out that despite being continental Bremen doesn't get much warmer than here so what a disappointment! I need some summer! Or maybe I need to stop making skirts and dresses and learn how to make warm tops and pants?

Speaking of making things I just made a new dress in celebration of all the good weather (so of course that is probably why it ended, not to mention I killed a spider). I brought an overlocker the other day because I really wanted one, it seemed a good deal, secondhand but a really good brand. Only the tension is all screwy and the light flickers so I took it back and it will be looked at by a mechanic. But the thing is if it can't work properly I want my money back and it is only a small shop so I don't think they want to give me my money back, they want to give me a new machine and for me to pay just a little more to cover it. Only I can't afford to pay more, another hundred is not actually a small and reasonable amount. I already spent more than I should, because it seems all my hobbies are expensive. Sewing machines, fabric, patterns, cotton. I know it is cheaper to buy clothes but I do like to make them. Next I want a mannequin. They're expensive too. It is high time I won the lotto or found some long lost and very rich relative.

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