27 April 2011

Spring vs. Autumn

Here in Galway it is still spring although the daffodils are mostly gone and the blossom trees have already lost their flowers. There are ducklings though, cute little fluffy ones. Maybe there will be swan-babies soon - last year there were about a half dozen in the canal outside my work-place but apparently to have so many is rare, most of them normally die. It is sunshiney outside today - it is not as warm as it was in London and Paris but better than nothing, I must find some excuse to get out of the office.

Back home in NZ on the other hand it is autumn and I hear the weather is bloody awful. A couple of days ago the old fluffy cat died, she had a stroke. She was 20, and hopefully those last few years in a new home were happy. She was probably better taken care of than when we had her. Last I checked she spent her days either sleeping in the sun or sleeping in front of the fire. She was a good cat, very cuddly, although all the dribbling wasn't quite so good.

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