17 April 2011

Mum in Ireland

Well it is 10pm Sunday night and Mum should have been safely in Galway by now. Instead we are on the bus just leaving Dublin because this morning she sent me a text saying that she is in hospital with bacterial meningitis! Then I was trying to call her and couldn't get through, didn't hear from her until late in the afternoon. At which point it turns out that she does not have meningitis but they treated her for it just in case and she was just too out of it to be more clear in her text message. So I was all ready to go to London but she thought I was really wanting her to be here in Galway so she missed her flight but brought a new one and arrived at about 8.30 pm. I quickly jumped on a bus to go meet her considering that she was ill but her plane got in at a rather inopportune time and not only did we have to wait quite some time for the next bus but it won't arrive until past 1! Hopefully all the antibiotics will kick in and we can do some fun stuff but if not at least she can just sleep it all away for a couple of days. Drama aside we now must sit in a bus for a few hours which sucks. Maybe tomorrow she will be well enough to go horseriding. Or not. I don't know. We will make it to Paris and the cabaret at least - for awhile there I was trying to figure out how to cancel it all!

Well with good holiday thoughts in my head I will put all that aside and guess what I brought yesterday? Roller blades! They are pink and have good rubber wheels and only cost me 35 euro! It is like being a kid again it is that much fun. The weather was nice and we went roller-blading, it was hard after all this time but I wasn't sore from it today so that's a bonus! After all that fresh air and exercise we were starving so I made delicious food for dinner but I am so often informed that I go on and on about food so I won't even tell you about it. I don't feel the need you see because I have already gone on and on somewhere else - I have started up an additional blog, a food blog! In it I will only talk about food but even more so than I usually do! And include all of my recipes, which has my housemates all excited because they want to be able to make the same food after I have let them try it. And it will be good for me to do because so often I do not take note of what I am doing and am not able to recreate delicous meals that I have made. So there you go, maybe I will stop going on about food, and maybe I will start going on about my roller blades and hula hoop and second childhood instead! Keep watching for the upcoming news about Mum's trip, Paris and London!

So that's all from me for now but a word to the wise for those of you in Invers - my sister is in the hospital for a few weeks on bed rest so if anyone feels like visiting her I'm sure she'd appreciate it! I have brought her the Sims so that while out of real life she can immerse herself in virtual life!

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