20 February 2012

Shopping, greyhounds, and other things

Today is a good day, because today I brought something new and shiny for my kitchen. Now I have a great big stock-pot to make soup in, which I need because it is very cold and wet outside. This week I will make chicken soup, and then again next week, and maybe again, until I am sure that I can make an awesome chicken soup. Perhaps it won't really be necessary, perhaps the weather will clear. But it's unlikely. It's even more of a shame because I have begun to attempt to play rugby (I know, me, playing rugby!). Over here the game is called tag and it is pretty much just like touch rugby, only it seems a bit girlier to me. Basically, instead of touching a player on the shoulder, every player has two fabric tags velcroed to their shorts, one on each hip. You have to snatch the tag off of a player. So there are tags hanging off of you, there is a lot of fumbling, and the possibility of being groped or accidentaly grabbing a piece of somebody is a bit of a worry! Other than that though, there's also the problem of my not really being able to throw, nor to catch, and my co-ordination in general is pretty shoddy. But I'm going to find myself some bright pink rugby socks and then all will be well.

In other news, I also had a good weekend, again because I went shopping and spent money and brought myself a pretty new dress. It's purple and indecently short and gorgeous. It's not really as short as what some of the Irish girls wear, it at least covers my butt. With the help of the new dress, I dressed up nice to go to the dog races, which are nothing like the horse races and there is no need to dress up. But that's OK. The races end almost as soon as they begin and I did not manage to make my fortune in gambling. But I did win 5 euro on the lotto, so that's at least enough to cover my ticket, though not quite the 5 mil that I was hoping for. Guess I will have to stick with my day job and not become a professional TV watcher yet.

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