14 February 2012

Irish Spring

So it's halfway through February already and I haven't written in ages because I really have not been doing a heck of a lot - perhaps I'm just boring? Over here it is spring already, even though the rest of the Northern hemisphere still considers it to be winter. There are daffodils - I picked the first ones I found, and got told off by some old guy walking his dog, who I of course ignored. It is cold here but clear and frosty, and the days are getting longer. This last weekend I finally got out of the house and went for a walk, during which a really friendly dog came to say hi. Here is Galway in the sunshine, which is much nicer than all the rain:

The new year here in Galway is pretty much the same as the old year, only there are always less people. Students finish and leave but new ones rarely come to take their places. Work goes slowly and my office is very quiet, except for the fish, who sometimes likes to blow bubbles. In May I am going to Lisbon, in Portugal, for a conference so soon I guess I will need to begin freaking out about that. In the meantime I will continue to spend my free time baking and sharing with my colleagues - today I made cupcakes and shared them at work, which made everybodies day, including mine. Then I got to spend some time playing with a puppy, which really made my day. And now the day is over, and I have work to prepare for tomorrow.

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