30 January 2012

Back in Galway

I have been back a week now and I miss the lovely warm weather that I had in Invercargill! I can't believe how lucky I got, to plan a summer holiday in Invers and actually get summer! I hear that it's over now and is raining there so I guess I left at the right time. Still, I'm sure it's warmer than here. When I arrived in Galway it was cold and rainy - the type of rain that doesn't fall so much as constantly hang in the air around you, so that you can't see very far and get soaked no matter what. My trip back was fine, it was better than the flights over there and I did not get too tired or sick. At Sydney airport I stopped to buy sparkly nail polish because they were on special and right now I am wearing bright blue sparkles on my finger nails and pink on my toes. My first week back has been slow and dull but I have been convinced that it would be a big waste at this point to drop out of the PhD - it's far too late for that. And seeing as I have not yet managed to win the lotto I guess I cannot yet take up a career of professional layabout and will have to stick it out. It's hard to get back into the routine of it all, especially when my lab work keeps being held up by things running out and needing to be re-ordered.

My apartment in Galway is much quieter now with the guinea pig gone, but at least I no longer have to worry about all my cords and cables and shoelaces being bitten in half. For my first week in Galway there has been a lack of hot-water here at home so I have first had a plumber in, who told me that there is nothing wrong with the plumbing and that I need an electrician (which I had already figured out, and told the landlord, but he sent a plumber anyway). The electrician came and decided that some fuse had been tripped, probably from becoming overheated, which stopped the timer from turning the heat on every night. So he sorted that out but warned me that it might be faulty, in which case the fuse-thing would need to be replaced. That was Friday and I had lovely warm water for my showers all weekend, but sadly my Monday started with a luke-warm, nearly cold shower. Now the electrician can't come till Wednesday or Thursday. Of course, that doesn't actually mean that we are stuck with cold water because the way it works over here is that you can push a button to bypass the timer and just heat the water whenever you want. So my sob story isn't actually so bad, it's just a slight nuisance really. And an excuse to go to work late, because I must be here to meet the electrician. So, that was my first, action-packed week back here in Galway. I really must try to get out and do a bit more so that I am not so boring.

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