21 January 2012

Travel Woes

Well, here I am in Abu Dhabi airport, having difficulty typing on a strange computer because their free wifi does not seem to work. I am more than halfway through my journey and I really wish it was over already. To begin with, the bus that I took from Invercargill was aboout 50 years old and really musty; it surely had not been cleaned since before they banned smoking on public transport. Luckily in Dunedin there was to be a change of bus. Unluckily, that  second bus was a half hour late, the driver was a toothless imbecile who just laughed insteading of being sorry for making two busloads of people late, they had yet to  fill the bus up with gas and  then the useless  driver took another 20 minutes or so to figure out the electronic device that they use to check passengers in. He didn't manage that either, in the  end they just did a headcount and assumed that all the correct people were there.

So despite that incompetent geriatric,  we finally arrived in Christchurch, where I got to have a look around the rubble and experience an earthquake (it was just a small one though). Despite having to get up at an ungodly hour, the first part of my plane travels went well. In Sydney I got to meet one of my uncles and we had a good long chat, until the time ran away from me and I had to rush off to security. And you wouldn't believe what happened to me there. Clearly Sydney security is more thorough than that in Christchurch. Some alarm went off and they had to open my bag and search it. You know  what  they found? One of my hairclips, a sharp metal one! I hadn't even considered that when I packed it, it's just a hairclip! They took it off of me of course, it being a stabbing sort of an object and all. Luckily they didn't also take my sharp bone brooch that Dad had made. So they  threw away  my hairpin, which had been a gift, but I can surely get another. I repacked my bag and on my way to my gate I stopped to buy some sparkly nailpolish. I made it to the gate just as they began to board, so at least I had no waiting around! I got a window seat and an empty seat next to me, the food was good and I managed to get a little sleep. Then I watched Cowboys vs. Aliens.

Now I have about a half hour until my next flight begins to board, but really it will probably be longer. It is about 10 am in NZ, it will be 6 am when I arrive in Dublin and I am terribly tired. After the last flight I couldn't figure out why  my shoes were so  uncomfortable, until I changed my socks and realised that my feet were all swollen. I really hate flying. I think I have about 9 hours to go, then a 3 hour bus ride. Can't wait to be in my own bed again!

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