04 January 2012

2012 Begins ...

I think the last time that I wrote was just after Christmas. So, since then, a new year has started and I have done very little. Things have been quiet in Invercargill and the weather has packed a bit of a sad - it's still warm and it's not pissing down but the clear, sunny days have disappeared for awhile, leaving behind overcast days that are either windy and cold or really hot and humid. Before the last year ended I have been out to Colac Bay and Riverton, to see my Nan who mostly doesn't know who I am (or who anyone is for that matter). Below is the view from the foreshore road, looking out over the bay, and below that is the view from Tihaka lookout, from which you can see the town and beach.

So Colac Bay is the same as it always was, there are a few more houses but that's about it. Dad showed me the house that he has brought out there, the one that burnt down right after he brought it. At least it was still in the possession of the previous owners so that their insurance will cover the damage. Which is pretty much the entire house. It has a huge backyard that backs on to my Nan's old place, which is nice.

Next we headed back to Riverton and went for a drive to see the rocks, seeing as you can't go visit Nan too early or she will get all flustered and think that she has to feed you some lunch. So we went around the point to where the waves hit the rocks with lots of force, so that the spray flies up really high and makes rainbows. Only it wasn't a rainbow day.

It wasn't a hugely clear day but you could still see Stewart Island about as clearly as usual - which is in a hazy, blue sort of way. So here below are the Riverton Rocks, some shags, and Stewart Island.

Later in the week I went to Omaui to go for a walk, on which my legs got scratched to bits by the long grass. But, the scenery was nice. Omaui is a very small town, near to Bluff, which mostly has a rocky shore, but if you take a shortcut over some paddocks you come to a big long rocky beach and then a sandy beach. The paddocks are full of scrubby trees that are all bent over from the wind, and long sharp grass. The rocks are covered in barnacles and there are paua in all the rock pools (we collected lots of paua shell).

There is a patch of shore at Omaui full of rocks that have imprints of seaweed on them. Unfortunately they are big and heavy, so I can't pick them up to take home.

Now I have only 2 weeks left of my holiday, I can't believe that all my time away has actually passed! It's time to get off my butt and do a bit more before I leave, though it would be nice if I could actually go a couple of days without getting sunburnt. I guess that my skin is no longer used to this sun, no matter how much sunblock I wear I still end up red at the end of the day!

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