19 January 2012

Leaving Invers

Well, my last few days in Invers have been quiet. To begin with, the dry weather took the weekend off and we had torrential, unending rain. That was OK though, gave me time to finish my jigsaw puzzle and read a book. I have succeeded in clearing out loads of my sister's junk and fixing up her tv so that she is not so bored while on bedrest. I finally got around to organising my trip up to Christchurch for my return flight and buying NZ treats to take back to Ireland. Then the weather cleared again and I made the most of a sunny day to go sightseeing in my own city. Only, there are not really any sights here. At all. There is a park, a water tower, there is our somewhat dull excuse for a city centre/town square. There are a couple of statues. That's about it. I gotta say, my cat is more interesting than Invercargill's sights. Right now she is considering sitting on my knee so that I can no longer type. Then, when I try to type she will get all pissed of with me for moving and give me this look that says 'if you don't stay still, I will scratch you'. So, here are some pictures and that's pretty much it from me for the night.

My impossible jigsaw puzzle.

 My cat, as she ignores me piling junk on her while she tries to sleep.

 Weird concrete 'art' in our city centre.

 The water tower! Last time I checked, you could climb up it and see the view for 50 cents. It's probably a little bit more than that now.

 Here are the pretty roses at our park, where you are not allowed to pick the roses but I have never been caught yet.

The pond and the bridge, where once when I was feeding the ducks one of them got tired of me holding the bread out to it and decided to bite my toe instead.

 This is the band rotunda, it's not ver exciting at all, but as I was walking towards it a huge branch randomly fell off of a tree and almost right on top of me!

Last one, here is the fountain in the playground. It has statues around it that we always used to climb all over. They are slippery though so some of them were really difficult to get up on. But I lied, that wasn't the last one, this one is, because my cat is awesome (that is, when she's not waking me up at 5 am because she wants company).

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