05 April 2012

Meet Wilbert

Wilbert is my new pet. He's a snake. Not quite the same as a dog or a cat, but still, at least I have something to talk to at work now. And to watch when I'm procrastinating. He's an albino California King Snake and he's about 2 years old. His owner has left our department and poor old Wilbert needed a home. He's still very small (he will get much bigger and live for 10 years or so), which is good because that means his teeth are small. He is not venemous at all, in the wild he would catch food by biting it and wrapping himself around it until it died. In captivity, however, he has to settle for mice that are brought frozen and then thawed out and warmed up.

See, here is Wilbert with a mouse inside of him. After he has eaten he stays very still for a day or so, but then he will come out and move around his tank again. I have given him some big rocks and branches and a pipe to hide in so he seems pretty happy in his tank these days. He used to just hide in the woodchips all the time, which was quite boring. Now he crawls around.

So other than adopting a snake, I have been doing very little. I have been working, which makes me tired, and I have been playing sports, which makes me tired and hungry, so then I come home and make yummy food. And bake too much. Today there were cupcakes because it was a friend's birthday and I had too many. Now it is Easter so there is another excuse to bake and eat chocolate. Here in Galway there will be a food festival this weekend so I will have to check that out and maybe it will be interesting. I will need something to do on the weekend as the hiking club that I was going out with on a Sunday has finished for the semester. Last Sunday was the last hike and the weather was beautiful - I even got sunburnt. Luckily it faded quickly. We climbed a mountain called Maumtrasna, which was beside a couple of lakes. So lets end with some pictures and I will go do some work (or not).

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