20 April 2012

A slow week ...

I've been having lots of weird dreams this week. First there was this one earlier in the week that I can't remember at all, except that there was a spider in it, which caused me to wake up. I had to get up and turn the light on and check through all my blankets to make sure there were no spiders. Then the next night I had this crazy dream (actually, it was one of many and I've forgotten all the other weird stuff that happened, I only remember the scary bit). Ok, like a said, a crazy dream, in which Wilbert the snake was really agitated and moving around his tank a lot. Then he stretched his mouth wide open and I noticed that his mouth was an awful lot bigger than it used to be - like it was suddenly as large as my fist. Then I noticed that the rest of him was suddenly huge too (in fact, he didn't really look like Wilbert anymore at all), and the tank was partially open. So suddenly I was trying to close the tank and weigh down the lid so that this giant thrashing snake couldn't get out, when next thing you know the lid was pretty much on properly but the snake was half out of the tank. So I stepped away from him and he immediately came towards me, and for some reason picked up my scarf in his mouth along the way. So I wrapped it around his head so that he couldn't see and would stop moving, but that didn't work. Then he was somehow in my arms and I was trying to hold his head away from me but he managed to bite me on the hand, and his teeth were not all all like snake teeth but more like shark teeth, with lots of rows. Then I woke up and my hand was all tingly. I had to turn the light on for awhile again. I was worried that the run of bad dreams would continue but it seems to have stopped. Or at least I cannot remember them. Last night I also got up and turned the light on, at about 2 am, but I have no idea why, I think maybe I got up in my sleep and then woke up when the light came on. How weird is that? Clearly work is getting to me and I'm well on my way to a nervous breakdown. Hopefully when it comes I will also win the lotto and then I can just scarper off to some tropical island or buy a big boat and sail the oceans looking for whales. But for now I guess I should get back to work, that was all I had to say really, that and I'm really glad that it's Friday!

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