08 March 2013

Dog Doings

I've not got much to say this week because it seems that nothing has happened. I have stayed in town and tried to work - half successful I think, but I keep procrastinating. Or at least it feels like I am, because I've been trying to focus on a chapter that is really not in my field, and it's hard. Plus at the same time I've been trying to keep up with my supervisor's comments on what I've already sent her, half of which need to be followed up on really well and the other half that need to be refuted with a lot of evidence so that she realises that I do actually know what I'm talking about, I've researched it and I'm right. So that's my task for tomorrow. Tonight my plan was to write a cover letter for a job I'd like to apply for but I haven't done that - again, because it seems overwhelmingly hard so it's best faced on a new day. Instead I will watch tv and relax with the dog, who right now is on a time-out because she chases the poor cat who hardly ever comes inside now and was hungry. I'll go to Colac Bay next week for the whole week and hopefully the cat will relax and have some time in the house.

Since I have nothing to say for myself I will tell dog stories instead. This week we graduated from obedience lessons and I have to say, while I'm sure the lady is great with dogs it was a lot of money considering that my dog required hardly any work - she's pretty much automatically obedient and very clear on who her mum is. She got to choose a toy as a prize for passing, so she chose a little cat and pulled out all the stuffing within about an hour. It'll still be good to play with for another week or so though.

So what obedience lessons really did was teach me a couple of tricks about dealing with certain behaviours and give me ideas of tricks to teach her. As well as sit, stay, lie down and roll over she can now high-five, spin in a circle and go through my legs when I tell her. Next we'll work on jumping through hoops, putting away her toys and shutting the door. Now she's hanging around as if she wants something to do but Autumn has well and truly set it, with cold weather and shorter days. So it's dark outside and I don't want to go out there. She'll just have to entertain herself with toys until bed time. I've gotten a little lax about letting her on the couch and bed - when I'm sitting around studying and she's tired she settles down faster if I let her up beside me. So she snoozes on the end of the bed sometimes (here she's sleeping with her duck, who is now pretty much dead, but it's OK because she has a new pink gorilla to eat).

Unfortunately she also hops up in the morning when she wakes up and gets bored because I'm still asleep. I let her because I want to keep sleeping and it's just easier. I've also invited her up onto the couch a couple of times because she wouldn't stop whingeing - and now she's really taking liberties, hopping up to sleep on the couch with me whenever she likes. You would think that would be enough, that being allowed on the couch would satisfy her and she would settle down - but no, she still jumps up to bark at people and chase the cat and most recently to bark at the printer, because she had never heard it before. Now that the printer has been thoroughly put in its place she is happily asleep again against my legs. I know the couch is not the best place for a dog but at least she keeps my legs warm.

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