28 February 2013

End of Summer

Last day of summer and it's 27 degrees! And set to stay this way, yay. I've got to say, my first 2013 summer has been pretty good and I hope the second one is too (that is, the Irish/European summer I plan on having instead of winter). Although for being a picturesque little beach town Colac Bay doesn't have the most dependable weather and on a lot of these purely sunny days it has been overcast or foggy out there. So time to spend a week in town, try to get some work done and find new places to take the dog. Work this week has been good so far but I'll have to start working nights because I just can't be inside working while the sun is out - while it's possible that all of autumn will be warm and sunny it's also possible that it will get frosty and cold and stay that way, so with that thought in mind I guess I best make the most of it, just in case.

This past week I have had two scares with the car - first some fool in front of me slowed down real suddenly on the open road, probably because the sun was in his eyes and he couldn't see - but I of course also couldn't see, despite my sunglasses and the sun visor, so I didn't see his brakelight and only saw the car slowing when I was almost on top of it. I had to brake real fast and got jolted against my seatbelt and the poor dog went flying off her seat. What sort of silly person doesn't check behind them before slowing from 100 right down to about 40? I was too shocked to toot at the stupid person as well. Then just today I was waiting to turn at the traffic lights and the car coming in the opposite direction turned its blinker on, to turn the opposite way to me - which would mean there was no oncoming traffic and I could go, right? Except that fool with his blinker on wasn't actually turning and wasn't watching the road either, would have run right into me if I was going slow enough to stop suddenly. Why don't people in Invercargill know how to use their blinkers properly? So I have had a bad car week and will be sticking to my bike for awhile, what with this beautiful weather and all.

And on a final note, Cher has a new teddy bear:

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